Basscenter Veranstaltungstechnik

Sie haben den Anlass, wir haben das Equipment

Vermietung für Selbstabhohler: Sie wollen ihre Veranstaltung Von A bis Z selber durchführen? Kein Problem! Basscenter stellt Ihnen das gewünschte Equipment zur Verfügung. Für Anlässe bis zu 2000 Personen stehen komplette PA Systeme inklusive Monitoring und Grundbeleuchtung bereit. Anmelden - Abholen und los gehts! Vermietung inklusive Bedienung: Sie haben alles für ein Konzert: Songs, Line-Up, Publikum und Lokalität? Das Einzige was ihnen noch fehlt, ist eine leistungsfähiges PA inklusive kompetentem Personal? Auch kein Problem! Wir nehmen ihnen die Knochenarbeit ab! Das Basscenter Team liefert das erforderliche Equipment, stellt es auf und macht den Soundcheck. Wir sorgen dafür, dass ihr Publikum den besten Sound bekommt, sind darum besorgt, dass Sie auf der Bühne alles hören, was sie hören müssen und wir begleiten und betreuen Sie während des ganzen Anlasses. Das Einzige was Sie tun müssen ist spielen. Den Rest übernehmen wir.

d&b Q-System

Das System besteht aus 6 Tops und 6 Subs, sowie 2 d&b D12 Verstärker.

Top: d&b Q1

The Q1 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 10" LF drivers positioned in a dipolar arrangement and a 1.3" HF compression driver fitted to a toroidal waveshaping device. The 75° constant directivity horizontal dispersion pattern is maintained down to 400 Hz, while the vertical HF dispersion of 15° allows the Q1 to be used to construct vertical columns that produce a curved coherent wavefront. The mechanical and acoustical design of the cabinet enables vertical splay angles to be set between 0° and 14°. Q1 cabinets can therefore be used in vertical configurations starting from two cabinets with a 15° to 30° dispersion, up to 20 cabinets with a fully user and venue defined vertical profile. The Q1 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood, incorporates a pair of handles and has an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a rigid metal grill covered with replaceable acoustically transparent foam.

Sub: d&b Q-Sub

The Q-SUB is an actively driven low compression bass-reflex loudspeaker fitted with a high excursion 18" driver. d&b SenseDrive technology is available when powered by the D12 amplifier. The Q-SUB is mechanically compatible with the Q1 and Q7; ten sockets in the front grill and side panels for Q-Series rigging components permit use in various combinations, either flown or ground stacked. The Q-SUB cabinet is constructed from marine plywood with an impact resistant paint finish, a pair of handles, four heavy duty wheels and an M20 threaded flange in the top panel to accept a loudspeaker stand. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill covered with replaceable acoustically transparent foam and two EP5 or NL4 connectors wired in parallel are mounted on the rear panel. Two runners protect the bottom of the cabinet from scratching; these are located in correspondingly shaped recesses in the top panel to prevent movement when stacked.

Versärker: d&b D12

The 3 RU two channel D12 amplifier delivers medium to high power into low impedance loads between 4 and 16 ohms and is ideally suited for use in both mobile and installation environments. The D12 contains setups for all d&b loudspeakers and a linear mode. The signal delay capability enables user definable settings of up to 340 msec (=100 m/328.1 ft) to be applied independently to each channel. The same applies to the 4-band parametric equalizer, providing optional boost/cut or notch filtering. The D12 incorporates a digital rotary encoder and a LCD display to configure the amplifier.

The D12 utilizes an autosensing switch mode power supply for mains voltages 120 V/230 V, 50 - 60 Hz (optional 100/200V). The D12 amplifier incorporates d&b SenseDrive for accurate control of LF drivers in d&b loudspeakers driven in 2-Way Active mode or in actively driven d&b subwoofers. When the D12 is fitted with EP5 connectors and appropriate 5 wire cabling, d&b SenseDrive can be used, resulting in an extremely precise bass performance even at high levels. NL4 and NL8 connector options are also available. RJ 45 connectors enable access to the Remote network via CAN-Bus. d&b System check verifies that the system performs within a predefined condition, whilst d&b Load monitoring enables an automatic and continuous impedance monitoring. Both can determine the status of an LF or HF driver in systems with multiple elements, even if these are crossed over passively.

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