Bass Amps

Glockenklang Heart Rock 2

The Glockenklang Heart Rock II Bass Amp Head

puts out a MASSIVE 1000 real watts @ 2.67 ohms. This means, it can handle three 8 ohms cabs or one 4 ohms and one 8 ohms cab. As well as this, the preamps in both the Heart Rock and Soul II have been modified to provide a warm, accurate and very dynamic and powerful bass-sound.

One of the highlights is the newly developed mosfet-poweramp section, which gives both  amps an incredible dimension in dynamics and power.

As well as this, increased gain levels provide a smooth overdrive, if desired.
Both amplifiers rewards it’s owners with clear, articulate and powerful sound reproduction.

The response is lightning fast and pure at the same time. Your bass notes will have a certain fullness and body unheard of from any Solid State amp. Almost “TUBE LIKE”.

The pre amp’s main feature is the 5 band eq, with it’s specially tailored frequency centres. It allows the artist to quickly and exactly shape his individual sound.

Perfect for the discriminating bass artists, capable of producing a lively and accurate bass sound, even under extreme conditions.

These QUOTES were taken from Reviews done by USA’s  BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE

CHF 990.00