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Epiphone Sheraton 2

The 'Epiphone Sheraton II' was introduced in 1986, and featured only one major difference, the 'Frequensator' tail piece (which was only available on only certain models) was now replaced by a fixed stop bar. The 'First Release' (original) Sheraton II "re-issue" became much more popular than the original Epiphone's high end guitars, the elitist line, includes a Sheraton, although the Machine Heads (tuners) were less than 'desirable'. Unlike the 'original' line of Sheraton guitars, which used the New Yorker style 'humbucker' pickups, the Sheraton II used the Gibson U.S.A. "full-sized" 'Gold Plated' style humbuckers. Currently original Sheratons are rare, but Sheraton II's are still in production and are readily available, although the specifications have changed immensely, including the change to 'Grover' Machine Heads (tuners), has been a big improvement.

CHF 790.00