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MARUSZCZYK Frog Omega 5a Spalted Maple

MARUSZCZYK Frog Omega 5a Spalted Maple

The distinguishing feature of this instrument is a set neck for smooth, even tone. By using a very thin polyurethane matt finish, which protects the wood from external influences, a particularly powerful sound is achieved with wide frequency spectrum - a true interaction between strings and wood. As a result, the Frog have an exceptionally strong voice and a wide frequency response. The ergonomically formed body adapts perfectly to the body of the player, thus enabling a natural feel on the fretboard.

There are 3 kinds of Frogs: Alpha, Beta and Omega which differ in the choice of the electronics and the tone woods. Beyond that, all conceivable custom options are possible.

The body of the Frog is made of alder or ash and is provided with selected tops. The neck consists of three-piece hard rock maple and is complemented with a palisander, ebony or padouk  fingerboard.
The matching headstock, various inlays and high quality hardware, making the Frog a true companion.

The bass player has the choice between active and passive electronics pickups of any kind.

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CHF 2'890.00