Zeta Modern EV-24

Zeta Modern EV-24

Zeta’s patented Strados Bridge Pickup is quite unique among violin pickups. Each string sits perched atop its own bridge “finger” in a configuration that vastly reduces cross-talk between strings. The piezo pickup’s tone is both clean and warm and is at once acoustic and edgy. The Modern body design features the proportions and physical reference points of the classical violin yet has elegant, sweeping cutaways and a highly sculpted back relief that contribute to the light weight of this stylish design. Zeta’s proprietary onboard active preamp system delivers the unique characteristics of your personal tone in a powerful signal suitable for the recording studio or live performance in any size venue. An internal 9-volt battery provides over 1,000 hours of service on average. Individual string digital outputs allow the use of each string as a separate MIDI channel and separate individual internal gain controls provide string level balancing for analog users. The Zeta Strados Modern comes with a very nice custom Zeta violin case, which features two large internal storage areas for strings, rosin, tuner, shoulder rest, headphones, etc. Additionally, on the outside of the case, are two zippered pockets with ample storage for all cables, music, etc.


  • Onboard preamp
  • Onboard volume control
  • 1/4? output jack
  • Multi-pin MIDI output jack
  • Custom ZETA case included
CHF 990.00