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AKG DMS70 Funkmikrofon Set

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4x Handmik

4x Headset


Boundless freedom

for license-free operation, worldwide

The DMS70 is a professional digital 2.4GHz wireless microphone system for worldwide, license-free operation. With 24bit, 48kHz audio coding, it provides uncompressed studio-quality transmission and a linear frequency response, for uncompromising vocal and instrumental performances. 128bit AES standard encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal, which makes it a perfect companion for high-security conferences.

The dynamic frequency selection (DFS) ensures that only the cleanest frequency bands are selected for the connection between receivers and transmitters — automatically! The DMS70 is up and running in fractions of a second. The digital receiver and transmitter diversity provide rock-solid, drop-free signal transmission. A maximum of four channels can be operated simultaneously.
Tagesmiete CHF 150.00