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Vermietung für Selbstabhohler:

Sie wollen ihre Veranstaltung Von A bis Z selber durchführen? Kein Problem! Basscenter stellt Ihnen das gewünschte Equipment zur Verfügung. Für Anlässe bis zu 2000 Personen stehen komplette PA Systeme inklusive Monitoring und Grundbeleuchtung bereit. Anmelden - Abholen und los gehts!


Vermietung inklusive Techniker:

Sie haben alles für ein Konzert: Songs, Line-Up, Publikum und Lokalität? Das Einzige was ihnen noch fehlt, ist eine leistungsfähiges PA inklusive kompetentem Personal? Auch kein Problem! Wir nehmen ihnen die Knochenarbeit ab! Das Basscenter Team liefert das erforderliche Equipment, stellt es auf und macht den Soundcheck. Wir sorgen dafür, dass ihr Publikum den besten Sound bekommt, sind darum besorgt, dass Sie auf der Bühne alles hören, was sie hören müssen und wir begleiten und betreuen Sie während des ganzen Anlasses. Das Einzige was Sie tun müssen ist spielen. Den Rest übernehmen wir.

Montarbo MOL-1818

Marke Montarbo
Typ MOL-1818

Band-pass horn loaded subwoofer

Designed for live music performed in medium to large venues where the main requirements are extended bass response and maximum sound pressure. The company's pioneering approach to acoustical design combines the theory of wave-guides with that of band-pass systems and the mathematics of organ pipes with that of low-turbulence exponential reflex ports. All of this is carved in the wood, without compromises. This relationship between art and science is completed thanks to an innovative 18" woofer, which embodies a new technology that makes it possible to drive a new-geometry voice coil in a linear manner over a ±30 mm excursion. Moreover, multiple heat dissipation systems help to control and minimize the power compression effects up to the rated power level. The result is the higher Maximum Output Level rating for a subwoofer of this size, weight and power. Power and control, without compromises, up to the last watt.

The unusually low distortion and the unexpected long throw of model MOL1818 SubOne when compared with subwoofers having the same size and power rating makes it possible to achieve very high levels of performance from a smaller number of units. Particular attention has been focused on efficiency and tonal neutrality.
MOL1818 SubOne, thanks to its performances and ability to effortlessly reproduce extended low frequencies, may be used as the low frequency speaker in the PalcoPlus line-array system in place of the RAB1815 cardiod subwoofer.

Two MOL1818 SubOne units may be driven and controlled by one PLM6800 active processor or, in the case of customers preferring to use their own power amplifiers (suggested power up to 2500W/ch @ 4 Ω, AES), driven by a LM24 controller. Dedicated factory presets are available for both controllers.
The extremely sturdy cabinet is built with 18 mm birch multiply covered with an anti-scratch surface finish; it is fitted with internal driver-protection grills, castors with brakes and carved out handle cavities on both sides of the cabinet.


Suitable for both open and closed venues, MOL1818 SubOne is the right choice for rental companies, big touring systems, fixed and semi-permanent installations.

  • Sports stadiums
  • Arenas
  • Concert Halls
  • Medium to large size theaters
  • Medium to large size clubs
  • Large events
Tagesmiete CHF 80.00